Funds Raised

What is a birthday fundraiser?


Birthdays are always special, but you can make it even more memorable by sharing your happiness with others. With birthday fundraisers you can choose a charity or a cause that you would love to support. Ask your family and friends to contribute to it, instead of spending on your birthday gift.


Be an inspiration and motivate others to take a small step towards bringing positive change around them.


The funds raised will directly go to the charity of your choice and will be utilised for the cause they support.




Over 19 million people share the same birthday as you but, only a few are lucky enough to celebrate it. If you are amongst the fortunate ones, let’s come together to make the less fortunate ones feel special and take a small step to better their lives. And it doesn’t take much. All you need to do is direct your family, friends, and colleagues to donate for your favorite cause rather than splurging on your present.


This time, make your birthday count.






Step 1: Start a Fundraiser


Click on the 'Start a fundraiser' button. Sign up and choose a charity which resonates with your values can be your pick for the birthday fundraiser. You will get an email and message with the fundraiser link.


Step 2: Raise funds


Once you make edits to your birthday fundraiser (if you choose to), make the 1st donation yourself and start sharing it over Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, etc. with your friends, family, and colleagues. Your passion for the cause will usher your loved ones to contribute and help make your birthday impactful.


Step 3: Make an impact


The funds collected from your campaign will be directed to the charity you chose and will be utilized in making the world a better place to live in. You & your friends will receive tax exemption, updates and lots of blessings.



Join the birthday club!